The cause of failure for freshers and repeaters are different. Freshers are absorbing the pollutants’ and in turn repeaters are exhausting. How much have you perceived is not important, how and upto what degree have you perceived positively is important. J.B. Mall, undertakes various interpretations.

We do not want quantity in projections, meaning thereby that too much elaboration and description does not give accuracy. Accuracy comes from the perception level which means how and in what manner do you perceive. We also want nature and level of perception which can be only inherited from the optimistic approach and thinking positively. I will cite it as follows :

The glass is half empty (Ek aadmi kahta hai glass aadha khalee hai).

The glass if half full. (Dosra kahta hai ki glass aadha bhara hai).

The second one is positive in approach. I quote second examle for better elaboration.

The pen is not working one may say. (It has not been specified why thepen is not working), it shows that the candidate has not perceived accurately (Lack of reasoing becomes responsible for the low perception level as it does not have the logic).

The pen is defective. Does the candidate spell the nature and reason of defect as the cause is unknow ?

The pen is not working due to ink. After filling the ink it will start working (positive perception).

The problem with the freshers is they are only absorbing the pollutants and are being suffocated inspite of maintaining the level of recommendation. Contrary to this, the repeaters are exhausting the pollutants. The remedial doctrine is to increase the degree of positively. For freshers basic knowledge, innocence and its applicability is to be inducted with the flair of performances without any rigidity. For repeaters pollutants are to be omitted. Missing are to be diagnosed checked and a then removed with the passage of time. Earlier to this stage pollution is to be confessed and suffocation diluted. Repeaters are required to undergo the ultra-sound of the personality, then personality will absorb innocence leading to the optimum level of trainability. Here ! will cite an example – suppose you are operating a liquor/gambling  or drug business : then

(a)        From where you got this idea (It indicates an outcome of a wrong association).

(b)        After inducing the above idea, you commissioned the dirty business in your mind, which was further transmuted and stocked in an unconscious mind (You conceived this planning or idea of your friend who has more influence on you rpersonality than you and even induced the negative degree inspite of the positively).

(c)        After material commissioning of the above business, you brought it to the real physical existence as per the ideas perceived by your mind. You  do close down the above business after a short span of time, realising the actual pros and cons, with your previous innocent mind which was driven by the borrowed perceptions till now.

Interpretation : Even after having closed down the shop, the shop could not really be closed down inthe unconscious state of mind and the moment, the shop-owner witnessed the liquer of the associated voices, the idea of his having own the liquor shop. etc. inthe past re-strikes his mind. This flashback is interrupted inthe TAT/WAT and partially in the interview. Such incident can be a part and parcel of anybody’s life, be it due to the need, incident or mere coincidence. But what is really to be  judged is the perception level, depth and degree of the traces of the idea in unconscious, and its existence inhis character and the level of the positivity and trainability that still exists inhis personality.

(Continued  next week)

(The writer is a SSB consultant)


-The Times of India, Lucknow

Dec 24, 1997

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