Best Books For SSB

1. SSB What?, How? and Why? 2002

Explanation: This book contains the details of the basic concept of screening, TAT, WAT, SRT and the S.T. Test. The author has made the efforts to interpret the application and use of your faculty of questioning and reasoning which strengthen the status of your intellect which is job requirement required by the system particularly under G.T.O. series of group testing and the interview conducted by the interviewing officer. This interpretation the author has made taking the account of G.D. and G.P.E.


2. SSB What?, How? and Why? 2010

It is most important and valuable literature on SSB. This is the single book in our country which has been awarded (—–) five star as ranking. This book includes latest pattern of screening, rich and more than 100 stories, situation and sentences of WAT. This book will facilitate you to crack the SSB.


3. Psychological Testing Book (English)

Author has designed the same Psychological Testing Papers as it is being conducted in the SSB. This is the first concept in our country for the system of selection. Again this testing book includes the interpretation, explanation and examples of so many stories, WAT, SRT and S.D. Test.


4. Psychological Testing Book (Hindi)

It is the Hindi translation of the above book.





6. SSB Explorer

This book is special product of author’s mind, skill and his experiences. This book contains rich, skilled, filtered details of all tests, explained with figures and diagrams and pictures. This book also includes the detail interpretation of the combination of three techniques which can make you rich to enter into the parameter.


If you are a serious defence aspirant and ready to do some smart and hard work to join Indian defence forces , then start your preparation from scratch. Here are few good and recommended ssb books which are going to be helpful for your ssb preparation. You can buy these books online with huge discounts from the links mentioned below.

1. SSB: What? How? And Why? by J.B. Mall

ssb interview books 1

 Category: SSB Interview Preparation book.
 About: One of the best book for ssb interview preparation, special focus on psychology, personal  interview and GTO.
 Price: 199/-
2. S. S. B. – Manovaigyanik Parikshan Pustak : Purush Evam Mahila Commission Ke Liye (Hindi)

Publisher: Upkar Prakashan (2013)






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  1. CENTURION ACADEMY Lucknow is the best Ssb coaching in India. Psychologist JB Mall is the SSB trainer at this institute. Every Ssb aspirant is fan of his book ‘what how and why'(Upkar publication).

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